Institute for Parliamentarism and Democracy Questions

Institute for Parliamentarism and Democracy Questions

The Institute for Parliamentarism and Democracy Questions is a scientific and practice-oriented institution. The Parliamentary Club of the Austrian People's Party in the Austrian Parliament is its home.

The institute aims to vivify terms such as parliamentarism and democracy, making these more accessible for an interested audience. Means are publications and discussion of related topics.

Strategic and International Partners

  • European Information and Research Network on Parliamentary History:
    • Die Kommission für Geschichte des Parlamentarismus und der politischen Parteien, Berlin
    • Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy, Athens
    • Institute of Political History, Budapest
    • Facultatea de Stiinte Politice – Universitatea din Bucaresti
    • Institute of Political Science, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava
    • Montesquieu Instituut, The Hague
    • Centrum voor Parlementaire Geschiedenis, Nijmegen
    • The Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in Political Thought and Conceptual Change
    • Comité d'Histoire Parlementaire et Politique
  • Österreichisch-Französisches Zentrum für Annährung in Europa


  • Allgemeine Geschäftsordnungsfragen und Reformen der Geschäftsordnung des österreichischen National- und Bundesrates
  • Ausgewählte Verfassungs- und Demokratiefragen
  • Behandlung von EU-Fragen im österreichischen Parlament
  • Parlamentarische Immunität
  • Parlamentarische Untersuchungsausschüsse
  • Vergleichende Fallstudien betreffend nationale Parlamente in demokratischen Ländern
  • Geschichte des Parlamentarismus
  • Rolle der Medien im Zusammenhang mit dem Parlamentarismus
  • Wahlen und Parteien


In February 2009, the Institute for Parliamentarism and Democracy Questions was founded by two leading figures of the Parliamentary Club of the Austrian People's Party, namely Karl-Heinz Kopf and Prof. Dr. Werner Zögernitz.

Karlheinz Kopf, 2nd President of the National Council, and Prof. Dr. Werner Zögernitz, long-time club director, recognized that parliamentarism and democracy are highly significant in political life as well as social life.

Their passion for these highly relevant topics led to the idea of ​​founding such an organisation. The institue was born.

Dr. Werner Zögernitz is president of the institute; he is assisted by a vice president and the board.

The institute was registered and approved as an association with statutes at the Federal Ministry of the Interior. It is funded by membership fees and sponsors.

The institute is based in the Parliamentary Club of the Austrian People's Party in the Austrian Parliament.


The aim of the institute is to combine scientific and practical know-how. Prof. Dr. Werner Zögernitz has been familiar with parliamentary procedures since the beginning of the 1970s, both in the emergence of laws in the Council of Ministers, as well as the parliamentary treatment in the committees and plenary sessions of the National and Federal Councils.

He is author of two benchmark works of Austrian parliamentarism, the commentaries on the Rules of Procedure of the National Council and the Federal Council, and an acknowledged expert on all issues related to rules of procedure and parliamentarism.

One important task of the institute is to make the complex and difficult to understand legislative procedures as well as the parliamentary procedures itself easy to understand for an interested audience.

At the same time, the institute is meant to serve as a service point for experts, parliamentarians, journalists, public officers, etc.